IQ300 Time Clock

IQ300 Time Clock with Department Transfers

The IQ300 Time Clock offers extended time tracking features such as break and meal buttons, and multiple pay rates.


This time clock unit is a sophisticated, feature-rich system, with the ability to perform extended time tracking features such as break and lunch buttons and multiple pay rates. It offers a four-line, backlit LCD display with prompts for entries. All features of the ETC100 are included. Direct Keypad Entry is the standard selection for this unit, but it can be purchased with a Barcode Swipe Reader, Proximity Card Reader, or Magnetic Swipe Card Reader.

For outdoor applications this clock is compatible with our new outdoor Time Clock Enclosure.

Among the features of the IQ300 Time Clock:

  • 20 day time keeping battery backup

    You can be sure an unexpected power outage won't cost you your critical time data.

Full Features:

Hardware Features

  • Door Relay : Optional Door Security can be used for door access.
  • Bell Relay (optional) : Rings a bell to signal shift beginning/end or lunch & break times.
  • 20 day time keeping battery backup
  • Text Display
  • ID badges can be reassigned
  • Assembled in the USA

Input Options

  • Barcode Wand/Gun
  • Pin Entry/Keypad Input
  • Proximity Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Barcode Cards


  • Integrates seamlessly with TimeForce
  • Offers extended time tracking features such as break and meal buttons
  • Handles flextime and split shifts
  • User-defined multiple holiday list
  • Multiple overtime categories
  • Unlimited schedules : Use and define as many schedules as you need
  • Unlimited pay policies & shifts : Allows an unlimited number of pay policies and shifts
  • Automatic time punches for approved absences
  • Error-checking system : Evaluates time punches to shifts and pay policies

Connection Options

  • Ethernet
  • Modem
  • Daisy-chain (RS-485)
  • Serial Connect

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