TimeForce II for Small Business

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Easy to use, and quick to set up, TimeForce II for Small Business will have you up and running in no time.

TimeForce II accurately keeps track of the time your employees work, holiday pay, overtime and other time and attendance records.

We know in your small business you do many jobs in a day. You don’t have the luxury of an accounting department to keep track of your employee time, an IT department to maintain a complex system. That's why we have designed our time and attendance software to be easy to use, while offering the power you need.

It's everything you need in an easy-to-implement package:

  • The Software (accessed through your browser)
  • A Time Clock (not required)

TimeForce II for Small Business combines the freedom and flexibility of an online service with the familiarity of an optional wall mounted time clock. Your employees use a web browser or a simple time card to clock in and out. Never again settle for mechanical punch clocks or the inept systems from the local office supply store.

With TimeForce, you receive industry leading hardware and software priced and developed with small business owners in mind — and you will always have support options available when you need it.

View a TimeForce Demo to take a quick look at TimeForce II, or sign up for a Live Tour where you'll have a chance to see the software in action and have all your questions answered.


Featured Time Clock

IQ200 Time and Attendance Time Clock
Designed for time and attendance only, this basic system tracks attendance, vacation, sick time, meals and breaks, and compensation accruals. It handles flex time, split shifts, and more. There is a simple keypad on this unit - making it perfect for ease of use for all your employees. Now available with Wi-Fi!


White Papers

  • The 5 Most Costly Payroll Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    According to IRS statistics approximately 33% of employers make payroll errors costing them billions of dollars annually in penalties. How can you avoid these costly mistakes and save big in the process.
  • Time Is Money
    According to studies by the American Payroll Association (APA), automating the collection of time and labor data can save employers 2 percent of gross payroll costs each year. However, many employers continue to collect this information manually.

Employee Time and Attendance for Small Business Case Studies

  • Colorado Gastroenterology
    Until recently, the 12-person office used a manual time clock with paper time cards to track their time.
  • Tenaker Pet Care
    For over 15 years, Tenaker Pet Care has provided veterinary, grooming, kenneling, and other services to the pets of Aurora, Colorado.
  • DigitalCustom Group Inc.
    With just 15 employees—most of who fill customer service positions—the last thing DigitalCustom needed was an expensive and complicated time and attendance solution.

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