Toll takers in Massachusetts earning big money

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Toll takers do not have the most physically demanding or complicated job, but a few in Massachusetts are earning big dollars in the position. According to the Boston Herald, a small group of toll takers on the Massachusetts Turnpike took home more than $100,000 in 2010.

The rise in income is attributed to significant totals of overtime pay accrued. The Herald reports that one toll taker, whose base salary is $58,500, earned more than $122,000 last year. Department of Transportation spokesman Adam Hurtubise said the DOT recognizes the problem and is looking for ways to decrease such payments.

"We are examining salaries throughout the agency and will continue to look for opportunities to reduce overtime and cut costs further when we can accomplish that without compromising customer service or safety," Hurtubrise told the Herald.

In San Francisco, authorities aren't simply looking to cut the salaries of toll takers on the Golden Gate Bridge, but eliminate their jobs altogether. The San Jose Mercury News reports that the city aims to cut all 32 positions to help reduce the district's $89 million deficit.  

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