Time & Attendance

TimeForce is a complete time and attendance system, powered by Infinisource—a leader in employer services.

With TimeForce time and attendance software, you can collect time, manage time, and process time to more effectively manage your employee time and attendance data. Move beyond outdated time clocks and employee time and attendance formats and embrace an easy to use system that can positively affect all of your human resource needs.

Time & Attendance

Traditional timekeeping methods set the stage for calculation and data entry errors, as well as incorrect application of company policies. Honest mistakes are frequent and usually not discovered until after payroll has been disbursed, if ever at all. Additional time and money are commonly spent on error correction, tax penalties, and even legal disputes. The entire process is unnecessarily labor-intensive, error prone and costly.

Until now.

Infinisource's powerful time and attendance solution—TimeForce—replaces cumbersome tracking procedures and completely eliminates collecting payroll information manually.

The TimeForce Software


TimeForce II is a very robust and capable program for managing time and attendance. Yet, ease-of-use has not been compromised by its power. We've made certain the program is easy to get started, use, and maintain. TimeForce helps you Collect, Manage, and Process your employee time.

collect manage process video

Collect Time


Choose from a wide variety of time collection hardware and/or software options. We have a solution for any work environment, and all integrate seamlessly with TimeForce. See more about our time clocks here.
collect_bar time clocks remote portable

Manage Time


All of your time collection methods integrate seamlessly with TimeForce II, a robust and powerful software system that helps you easily manage your time collection data.
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Process Time


Once you are ready to process your time data for payroll, simply lock the payroll cycle and export. With TimeForce II you can export to nearly every available payroll software or third-party payroll processing bureau.

An Intuitive Software Interface

Because TimeForce II is browser-based design, the program is very intuitive. The web-browser-style interface and clearly tabbed sections, make TimeForce II easy to understand and get around.

Intuitive Interface
New even easier-to-use Time Card screen. Collapsible sections allow you to show only the information most relevant to you.

Tabbed Interface

My Screen
With the My Screen interface you'll see time off requests, who's in, hours summary, and more.

My Screen

Error Monitoring
Error monitoring alerts let you know when an employee has missed a punch.

Error Monitoring

The TimeForce Scheduling Module gives you a set of powerful tools to help you allocate your personnel resources effectively. Learn more about scheduling.


A wide range of reports are at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor your workforce like never before. Take a look at our Report Sampler for sample report data.


Scheduled Hours
Easily compare scheduled hours to actual hours worked on the time card tab.


Employee Tab
Track your employee information in the employee tab. TimeForce tracks employee accruals like vacation or sick time here based on your company policies.


Intuitive Interface

My Screen

Error Monitoring



Scheduled Hours

Employee Tab

Take a closer look at the TimeForce Supervisor My Screen here, then review our product demo. Or let us give you a guided tour.

Support When You Need It

Plus, if you ever need help, your Infinisource Service Agreement ensures you'll always have access to the answers you need—quickly. Radical Service™ is just a phone call away.

TimeForce II Benefits

TimeForce makes managing your workforce more efficient, effective, and accurate. Best of all, TimeForce can quickly pay for itself in time savings, reduction of time theft (read how one company saved $300,000 in the first year), and elimination of payroll errors.

TimeForce will help you:

TimeForce II Features

TimeForce has a host of features and powerful reporting capabilities that will give you new insight to your workforce. Here are just a few of the specific features of TimeForce II—use them all, or just those you need.

Powerful Time & Attendance, without the IT headache.

TimeForce is hosted and maintained in our secure facility, you simply access the system through your web browser.

TimeForce SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • Our servers - The application is always available to you.
  • Reduced IT hassles - Patches, downloads, updates. We handle it.
  • Easy implementation - You provide the Internet connection, we provide the software.
  • Highly secure - SSAE certified.
  • Available anytime, all the time - 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

And of course, TimeForce is backed by our Radical Service™.
Find more information on TimeForce's SaaS hosting here.

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Our TimeForce Demo is a great way to learn more about how TimeForce can help you better manage your time. Or, let us provide a quote for you today.