The iSolved TimeForce Scheduling Module gives you a set of powerful tools to help you allocate your personnel resources effectively.

iSolved TimeForce will help you manage your scheduling needs, whether simple or complex.

TimeForce comes with two powerful scheduling options right out-of-the-box:

1. Standard Scheduling

If you simply need to schedule your employees without highly complex scheduling options, this tool is for you. You'll be scheduling your employees in minutes.

Standard Scheduling makes it easy to create recurring schedules for a particular shift:

You can also use scheduling templates to schedule by day.

Or create recurring schedules by day of week.

Most businesses love Standard Scheduling, but if you need even more control, next up is Spreadsheet Scheduling.

2. Spreadsheet Scheduling

The spreadsheet scheduler is a tool designed for organizations who have flexible or unpredictable work patterns. It allows employees more control of their own schedule by showing their availability, allowing employees to perform shift swaps, and to pick up additional work hours. Supervisors have more control of their labor costs and can schedule more quickly, while ensuring full coverage.

Watch this video for a quick overview of iSolved TimeForce Spreadsheet Scheduling


Scheduling Options Compared

Scheduling Feature Standard Scheduling Spreadsheet Scheduling
Shifts assigned to employees X X
View schedules in a daily, weekly or monthly view X X
Rotating template of shifts X
Default schedule - schedule pattern continues forever X
Schedule employees to work a job/task X X
Schedule employees to work a department X X
Supports 24+ hour shifts X X
Employee availability and preference X
Restrict scheduled departments per employee X
Open-ended shifts (enter the shift start and end time) X
View labor cost estimates while scheduling X
Schedule employees on specific shifts, on specific dates X
Copy shift pattern and apply it to any date range
Scheduled hours watch
Employee coverage watch
Forecasted coverage of positions, skills, people, or hours
Copy, cut, and paste schedule features
Filter, highlight, and color-code options

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